This category celebrates those organisations who have done the most to safeguard the environment and minimise their carbon footprint. These four Finalists are fine examples of what our industry is doing to become ever cleaner and greener.


Toyota - Traigo 48 Range

The Traigo 48 range is 8% more energy efficient than its nearest competitor in class and provides increased performance and lower energy consumption, while reducing costs.

Improved electric power steering allows for effortless steering while force feedback ensures accurate driving control at all speeds. This truck offers enhanced driver control with full stop on ramp and accurate positioning with and without load. Its compact chassis and ergonomic upgrades provide longer operating life, even in the most intensive operations.

A Lithium ion battery option is also available, for fast-opportunity charging.



VERTU System


The VERTU system is a battery and charger combination that is tailored to optimise performance and reduce operating costs to deliver the most efficient returns for operators.

Alongside the cost savings that are delivered by lower energy usage comes a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and, subsequently, a smaller carbon footprint.

By adopting the VERTU system, a typical warehouse operation running eight powered pallet trucks, four reach trucks and two large counterbalance trucks on a double-shift basis could return genuine cost savings of almost £60,000 over a five-year period and would deliver a hugely impressive reduction of more than 196,000 kg in its CO2 emissions.




Selectiva 2kw battery charging system

This 2kw single-phase charger uses the latest Ri-charging technology. Unique to Fronius, it guarantees maximum energy efficiency and an extension to battery service life – by drastically reducing levels of battery warming caused by overcharging.

Unlike conventional highfrequency and older 50Hz technology, every charging cycle is unique as the charging system takes into account the age, temperature and charge status of the battery (which it measures when it is plugged in). Therefore, it ensures the battery only receives the current that is actually needs, saving on CO2 emissions and energy costs.



J8.0XN Lithium ION powered

electric forklift


The Hyster J8.0XN electric forklift produces zero emissions, while providing a significant advance in the energy efficiency of a Lithium ION truck that can lift 8.0 tonnes.

Minimising energy loss from the battery to the transmission, it offers around a 30% improvement of truck autonomy, compared to competitors’ Lithium ION powered electric forklifts, even in intensive, high-duty applications.

The unique combination of a Li ION battery with high-voltage systems and multiphase permanent magnetic motors delivers similar performance to an equivalent LPG model. The battery ensures long endurance and can be fully charged from flat in just two hours.