The Innovation Award acknowledges those pushing the boundaries of fork lift technology. These 12 Finalists have launched the most imaginative and ingenious products of the past year. 


Flogas - Gaslight cylinders

In partnership with Hexagon Ragasco, Flogas is revolutionising the UK fork lift truck market with a new composite cylinder: Gaslight.

In the LPG and fork lift truck worlds, safety is paramount, and the Gaslight composite cylinders have an unsurpassed safety record. They withstand a burst pressure twice as high as their steel counterparts and, because there’s no risk of boiling liquid, expanding-vapour explosion (BLEVE), the risk of explosion from fire is eliminated.

The lightest fork lift truck cylinder on the market, with a combined cylinder and gas weight of just 20kg, Gaslights fall well within European Manual Handling Operations Regulations, reducing the risk of injury.

Abbey Attachments




While standard weighing systems can warn drivers when the truck's capacity is exceeded, it's the combination of load and load centre which commonly causes forward tipping accidents.

Developed with RAVAS UK, Safe Load is the first product of its type that can be applied to a wide range of forklift trucks.

SafeLoad provides both weight and forward truck stability information in a single combined display to accurately show whether a load can be lifted safely. 


B & B Attachments


KAUP Double Pallet Handler

The newly designed T429C range features innovations to reduce lost load centre, significantly increase residual capacity and improve visibility through and over the attachment to the fork tips and load.

The solid construction of its T and C profiles ensures maximum stability and longer operating hours.

The innovations also allow for extended intervals between servicing, while keeping maintenance requirements minimal and, at the same time, consuming 20% less energy.

Cavaion Baumann




The ELX50 features an intelligent battery system, redesigned chassis, new wiring schematic, bespoke steering axle and flow-matching hydraulic system.

It’s the most compact model ever produced: measuring less than 4.0 m in length and 750mm in deck height. The reduced length and improved turning circle have been achieved without sacrificing the mast or well width, clearance and low bed height.

The innovations, together with 120v power supply and 2.5 tonnes weight reduction, have increased battery performance by up to 30%.





The new counterbalance pedestrian stacker combines optimum narrow aisle performance with full visibility of the forks, load and surroundings for maximum safety of operators and other personnel. With its tilting mast, the compact footprint design operates in minimal space with excellent load handling capabilities.

A key innovative feature is the patented multi-position tiller arm, with power steering and integrated display monitor. This allows the operator to steer the rear wheel from either the right or left side, rather than the normal rear position, making this the only pedestrian counterbalance stacker that will operate in a conventional reach truck aisle.




EZK35 (Series 2610)

Hubtex modified its EZK35 order picking platform with a number of innovations to deliver no contact andexceptionally efficient order picking.

The truck features Vacumat, a vacuum-sucking device that raises and lowers boards with ease, and integrated blow-off technology which removes dust or other contamination to products. In addition, it benefits from automatic shelf fitting and unique devices for centring and strapping boards on the order picking platform.

Previously, the operator would have had to leave the machine to do this – but it can now be carried out by a single operator on board – saving valuable picking time. 



Multi Tool changer


To help overcome the challenge of handling varied loads with a reach stacker, Hyster developed a unique truck attachment – the Multi Tool Changer. By using the easily exchanged attachment, a single truck can handle standard 20 foot and 40 foot containers, high-top/curtain containers, cargo trailers and steel coils.

When fitted to a RS42-41XLS CH reach stacker, the attachment can be used with a standard spreader, intermodal spreader or C-hook attachment.

For maximum flexibility, the mast can simply be lowered into the required attachment when a different tool is needed.


Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks


EDiA EX 80V electric counterbalance

The high-performance EDiA EX’s unique steering geometry, means it can outperform and outmanoeuvre any IC truck.

Traditionally, forklift truck steer wheels turn by a maximum of 90degrees. But achieving this in tight turns forces the truck backwards, putting exceptionally high pressure on tyres and rims. EDiA EX’s intelligent software and counter-rotating drive wheels deliver a unique four-wheel steering geometry, making it extremely agile in tight spaces – without placing pressure on steer wheels.

Uniquely, its rear axle turns through 100 degrees adding further to its exceptional manoeuvrability and dual drive minimises its turning radius, so it can turn within its own dimensions.  

Translift Bendi




At a third of the cost of an articulating truck, and a fraction of a VNA, the Translift SpaceMate attachment can be added to any new or used forklift, enabling pallet stacking in VNA aisles.

Stacking in sub 2.0m aisles is achieved using just one hydraulic function.

Quick-release fittings make it simple to add and remove SpaceMate’s unique patented design allows the racks and truck to remain stable at all times whatever the height.

Initially revolutionising narrow aisle stacking with conventional trucks, the principle is set to quickly spread across the whole spectrum of materials handling equipment.





Linear LED Blue Safety Lamp

Traditional spot lamps draw the eye towards a projected blue spot, but doesn't indicate the truck's direction of travel.

To overcome this, Linear LED emits a crisp blue line that makes the truck's vicinity and direction clear to those working nearby.

Available in blue or red, the 10-80V lamp is EMC (ECE R10) approved. What’s more, it’s waterproof IP67-rated housing is a robust diecast aluminium coupled with an impact-resistant polycarbonate lens.

Weston Handling




While there are other systems available for fitting to pedestrian trucks that detect an impact and stop the truck, the ACKPad® is unique in its simplicity and versatility.

Versions of he ACKPad® can be formed and even moulded to fit tight radii and complex curves and shapes – beyond the limits of other systems.

Technology Transfer is a key part of this innovation. By taking a common place item, the strip-switch, and developing a support and fixing structure around it that allows it to become a significant safety improvement to almost all powered pedestrian trucks. 




MPT rider pallet trucks

The Yale MPT rider pallet truck series (MPT20T and MP25T) has been designed to ensure operators of all sizes can find comfortable positions, which, in turn, can lead to greater productivity.

Its unique adaptive seat offers sit, lean and stand functionality at the touch of a button – giving operators full freedom of movement, whether for short or long transfers.

Key features include: a low step height for easier on-off access, large floor space, a solid grab handle, a compact chassis that offers convenient Europallet handling, electronic fly-by-wire steering, clear views and an easily operated butterfly switch that gives control of direction and speed.