Safety is a core value for the FLTA and a topic that tops its agenda. These nine Finalists have helped reduce the risk of accident and injury to operators and those who work alongside them.  


Mentor - “Can you live with it?” video training module

“Can you live with it” is a remarkable five-minute video that powerfully drives home the consequences of an “every day” fork truck accident.

Developed to evoke a visceral response, it targets the roots of bad practice for operators and their colleagues: empowering all staff to take responsibility for site safety.

Content is especially relevant to pedestrians who, despite being most at risk of injury, are nearly always omitted from forklift safety training. The highimpact, interactive video-training module uses bespoke film, graphics, accident footage and dramatisation to engage viewers and challenge unsafe behaviour, to achieve long-term improvements.

Abbey Attachments




Conventional weighing systems warn drivers when capacity is exceeded, but, when it comes to preventing forward tipping accidents, it’s the combination of load and load centre which is crucial.

Safe Load, developed in conjunction with RAVAS UK, is the first weighing product that brings these together - it’s the first of its kind (patent pending). 

Drawing data from the hydraulic transducer and sensors placed on the chassis, it provides weight and forward stability information in a single combined display. This means operators can see – with accuracy – whether a load can be safely lifted. Stability and weight information is enhanced by the colour of the weight display (green = safe/ red = unsafe) and a fork icon which clearly indicates the load centre’s position on the forks.





The Combi Safelift anti-overload device detects, alarms and shuts down operation to prevent overloading, without operators having to make complicated calculations regarding load centre, weight, and centre of gravity of non-uniform loads.

A strain sensor incorporated on the mast detects overweight, an extended load centre, or when forks are not fully engaged. The indicator unit, with green, amber and red LEDs and audible alarm, alerts operators to potential risk situations, while a cut-out valve on the mast's hydraulic lift shuts off operation before any critical point is reached, to eliminate over-loading.

This system can be added to any counterbalance truck.

Crown Lift Trucks


WAV60 Work Assist Vehicle


The Crown WAV 60 Series is designed with features to help achieve greater levels of safety, efficiency and flexibility for applications where ladders are typically used to reach up to five metres such as those found in retail and manufacturing settings.

Carrying items up and down a ladder can be a dangerous task - according to the “European Statistics on Accidents at Work” database, approximately 145,000 injuries leading to four or more days of absence were due to falls from height.

The Crown Wave helps to reduce the risk of injury and accidents associated with activities such as lifting, climbing and carrying. It enables operators to handle their everyday tasks with confidence.


Doosan Industrial Vehicle UK


Electro-magnetic Automatic Electric Parking Brake (EPB)

The innovative Doosan B25X-7 features the Automatic Electric Parking Brake. Replacing the traditional mechanical system, it provides a much more reliable, and therefore safer, solution.

The EPB prevents the forklift from rolling back at a stop on an upslope and means the operator can dismount from the truck easily without any braking on an upslope.

This unlimited ramp hold increases safety as operators can exit the truck without having to remember the parking brake, because it is applied as soon as the operator takes his foot off the accelerator pedal. 



Gaslight cylinders


In partnership with Hexagon Ragasco, Flogas is revolutionising the UK fork lift truck market with a new composite cylinder: Gaslight.

In the LPG and fork lift truck worlds, safety is paramount, and the Gaslight composite cylinders have an unsurpassed safety record. They withstand a burst pressure twice as high as their steel counterparts and, because there’s no risk of boiling liquid, expanding-vapour explosion (BLEVE), the risk of explosion from fire is eliminated.

Gaslight cylinders are also the lightest fork lift truck cylinder on the market.

Ergonomically designed, and with a combined cylinder and gas weight of just 20kg, they fall well within European Manual Handling Operations Regulations, reducing the risk of injury.


Linde Material Handling



Developed in collaboration with customers whose operators had explicitly asked for a larger field of view of forklifts, the Roadster was designed to maximise field of view and safety to operators.

The unique configuration of models E20 to E50R increases visibility by removing the A-pillar and replacing the metal overhead guard roof with a high-strength safety glass panel. Overhead tilt cylinders absorb forces acting on the mast during operation – directing them backwards via the overhead guard frame.

A curved steel tube behind the steering column and dashboard serves as a boarding aid and allows the mounting of optional equipment such as a display for the Linde Safety Pilot assistance system or clipboard.




Linear LED Safety Lamp

Pedestrians are the most at-risk group from forklift injuries: accounting for 57% of victims.

While traditional blue spot technology can improve awareness that trucks are operating nearby, warehouse operatives cannot be certain which direction machinery is approaching from – placing them at risk.

Venta’s Linear LED takes this to the next level: making both the vicinity and direction of the truck clear to all around by emitting a crisp line of blue LED along the floor ahead of the machine.

This serves two purposes: enhancing the visibility ahead of the forklift, while alerting colleagues to its presence and direction of travel.  

Weston Handling




The award-winning ACKPad® (AntiCrush Kick Pad) improves the safety of electric pedestrian trucks by 800 per cent.

Easily fitted to nearly any powered pallet truck, the ACKPad is a strip of rubber containing a robust continuous switch, which surrounds the truck base. When hit with more than 1kg of force, a connection is made and the machine's Anti-Crush Button (ACB) activated.

Regular ACBs only protect operators if both the tiller arm and ACB point at them at time of impact. The ACKPad® protects operators, colleagues, racking, and other machinery, regardless of the direction of impact.