This Award celebrates those ‘Eureka’ moments that take our industry forward. This year’s Finalists are leading the way to brighter and more productive tomorrows. 



ePTO System


HIAB’s ePTO (electric power take-off) technology means that Travis Perkins has been able to trial out-of-hours loading and unloding with a truck-mounted crane at a new-format branch in Birmingham. This environmentally smart loading solution enables truck-mounted crane operators to work with the engine switched off – quietly and free from exhaust fumes. Offering zero emissions, the ePTO system comprises a battery, electric motor, hydraulic pump and smart electronic control system package – controlled by a cabin-mounted display. Travis Perkins described ePTO as “the perfect solution” for its new-format branches requiring outside hours deliveries. As well as reducing noise by 30%, this new technology significantly reduces energy consumption by 60-70% and lowers operating costs by 70%.

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Empty Container Handler 

The innovative Hyster® empty container handler features a redesigned mast which accommodates heavier weights and offset loading. The H11XM-ECD8 / H11XM-ECD9 enables easy handling of two 40ft reefer containers, even when both refrigerator units are on the same side, which would normally cause an offset load. Providing significant productivity advantages, businesses no longer need to handle refrigerated units individually. This saves a lot of time in the daily handling of reefers, helping to bring down the handling cost per container. New reinforced spreaders feature 'reefer correction' sideshift and several container engagement systems, providing double handling capabilities for any empty container.

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T167S Discharging Device


This KAUP discharging device has been designed and manufactured for emptying boxes on Euro pallets with a pallet frame. Developed for companies using this type of attachment intermittently, it is a cost-effective solution for infrequent or seasonal material handling tasks when a hydraulically operated attachment may not be viable. The T167S attachment slips easily onto a rotating clamp with no hydraulic connection to the forklift truck necessary. Its quick-mounting mechanism ensures it is immediately ready for operation and can be dismounted from the forklift truck when it is not required.

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Linde Material Handling


K Range Man Aloft Combi Truck 

The new version of the Linde K range Narrow Aisle Combi Truck can be supplied with a Dynamic Reach Control (DRC). The Dynamic Reach Control effectively eliminates the side to side sway of a mast which occur when traversing a load into, or retrieving loads out pallet racking. The DRC system makes the placing of loads into the racks safer, faster and more accurate, while, at the same time the reduction in cab sway is more comfortable for the operator, helping to reduce operator fatigue. With the introduction of DRC the trucks productivity is increased by up to 5%.

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Philadelphia Scientific


SmartBlinky Tray Monitor


During battery cleaning and watering, there’s a good chance that run-off corrosive electrolyte will end up in the battery tray. This is a significant component in your overall battery cost and – if well-maintained – can be reused, saving on the cost of your next battery. But, when trays are damaged the costs can be significant. When overwatering led to a tray failure for one of Philadelphia Scientific’s customers, the company investigated. The result? The SmartBlinky Battery Tray Monitor. Suitable for all lead acid batteries, this active alert system warns users of electrolyte in a cell. Inexpensive and cost-effective, it saves on time and labour costs over a battery’s lifetime.

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Designed to reduce picking errors, this scale for order picking trucks allows for individual picks to be checked online. Picking errors are signalled instantly and corrected on the spot, where the cost of correction is at its lowest: at the picking slot, before the picker moves onto its next location. After each pick, LogiAction interrogates the scale for the weight increase on the forks by comparing the actual weight with the combined weight that the items in the order line should have. If the target and actual weights correspond, LogiAction concludes that the order line has been picked correctly.

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Robur Trucks


SBP XT HD 1630


A leading glass manufacturer approached Robur for a bespoke glass handling solution. Working in close partnership with the customer, Robur developed a truck that could safely transport and lift 6800 mm long glass stillages with a capacity of 3000 kg. Importantly, the truck needed to be capable of lifting to a height of 960 mm to enter into the factory’s storage locations. The nature of the load – large sheets of glass – meant that complete care and precision was absolutely necessary. It has proved so successful that it is now being opted for by glass manufacturers across Europe.

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Toyota Material Handling


Toyota Autopilot

Toyota Material Handling has recently launched a new selection of Toyota Autopilot automated warehouse trucks which use dual navigation. Dual Navigation combines laser navigation using a series of scanners, sensors and reflectors and a new feature called natural navigation which scans landmarks within the truck’s natural environment to calculate its location within the warehouse. Natural navigation is quicker to install with a more simple set up process, providing a more flexible automated solution. The navigation technology uses recognisable landmarks or reference points within a warehouse such as racking, walls and other fixed objects to calculate the trucks location.

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Toyota Material Handling


Autopilot TAE050


The new Autopilot TAE050 from Toyota Material Handling, simplifies, standardises and optimises customer operations. The Autopilot TAE050 is simple and compact, ideal for handling light items. The TAE050’s load carrier with telescopic arm can tow up to 500 kg and therefore replace the necessity for employees to do repetitive work. In more confined spaces, the compact tow version is ideal for handling lighter loads. Or for small items like in picking operations, the bolt-on racks can be an ideal solution. This fork-free solution works with a very high degree of accuracy and stops when detecting an obstacle or person close by to avoid accidents and damage.

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