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Safe User Group

Protect your workers ...and yourself

Every single day, at least one worker will be killed or hospitalised by a fork lift truck. In the UK there are more than 400 fatalities and serious injuries every year.

Keeping track of constantly shifting safety regulations, government legislation and best practice procedures is a tough ask. But as an employer, you are legally required to do so. How confident are you that all your company’s responsibilities are covered?

The Fork Lift Truck Association Safe User Group is here to help. We give you practical, effective advice to keep your colleagues safe and ensure you are up to date with best practice and changes in legislation.

What's more, by joining the Safe User Group your commitment to safety is clearly spelled out – helping workers understand their responsibilities and giving them the confidence that you take their safety seriously.

“An invaluable source of expert advice.”

Steve Cash, British Sugar

Stay on the right side of the law

Running a fork lift truck safely is a tightrope act. There are at least 23 different sets of legislation, guidelines and regulations and over 100 best practice points to bear in mind. Miss just one, and it could spell disaster.

What you need is current information at your fingertips, presented in a clear and concise way, by the experts.

The Fork Lift Truck Association has over 40 years’ experience of helping British businesses make their fork lift truck operations safer, smarter and more efficient, on factory and warehouse floors, in yards, distribution centres, docks and transfer points across the country.

No organisation within the materials handling industry is better placed to deliver safety advice than the Fork Lift Truck Association. That is why we have established the Fork Lift Truck Association Safe User Group.

The Fork Lift Truck Association’s safety resources are trusted by large and small companies nationwide – whether operating just one truck, or hundreds. 

“A genuinely excellent service. Brilliant resource. The helpline is fantastic.”

M Cox, Johnson & Johnson

Simple. Legal. Safe.

With the UK’s independent fork lift authority in your corner you’ll always know you’re on top of your legal duties – so you can concentrate on your day job.

The Fork Lift Truck Association Safe User Group translates complex legislation, legal guidelines, statutory regulations and best practice procedures into clear, practical advice.

We keep in close contact with the HSE, and we’ll update you when anything changes.

With easy-to-follow resources, 24/7 online access and a direct line to the UK’s leading fork lift truck body, the FLTA Safe User Group offers unmatched support – covering everything you can think of (and, more importantly, some things you haven’t).

Whether you prefer online access, telephone assistance or targeted manuals, our resources keep busy managers focussed on their job.

Backed by more than 40 years real-life experience of working with fork lift trucks, the FLTA Safe User Group provides you with guidance for implementing safe systems – tailored for your work routine, people and location – that really do make your site safer.

Multiple sites within the same company? No problem. Register for the Safe User Group and we’ll send safety packs to up to five sites, totally free of charge.

“Excellent value for money. We would highly recommend it.”

Tom Tierney, 3M

Safe User Group Membership Fees

FLTA Safe User Group membership opens up a world of new resources and support, and provides simple, legal, safe, regular advice amid the bureaucracy of regulations, legislation and offical best practice guidelines surrounding the use of fork lift trucks. Each single membership allows you to cover up to five sites, and members benefit from a comprehensive support package valued at £1,500.

To become part of the FLTA Safe User Group, there is an initial one-off joining fee of £151 (ex VAT), plus an annual subscription fee of £191 (ex VAT). After the first year, only the price of the annual fee is charged, so you receive this entire package for just £3.67 a week.

The Benefits of Safe User Group Membership

For a full itemised list of the resources, literature, support and expert advice you will receive as a member of the FLTA's Safe User Group, please click on the benefits page here.

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