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UKMHA Members’ Code of Practice

If you are a company or organisation involved in fork lift truck operations and you are interested in workplace safety and best practice advice, one of the best starting points is to join the Fork Lift Truck Association (UKMHA) as a Member company.

The UKMHA has over 40 years’ experience of helping British businesses make their fork lift truck operations safer, smarter and more efficient, on factory and warehouse floors, in yards, distribution centres, docks and transfer points across the country.

No organisation within the materials handling industry is better placed to deliver best practice advice than the Fork Lift Truck Association.

All UKMHA Members agree to sign up to a common, defined Code of Practice designed to improve safety, reduce workplace accidents and keep all Member companies on the right side of the law.

The Code of Practice governs the ethical and safety standards expected of all companies whose work involves fork lift trucks.

To see how Membership of the UKMHA benefits your company’s reputation, your employees and your safety record, please feel free to download the Code of Practice below.

To find out more about the Association, please visit the Join The UKMHA page.

Available resources:

Click on the link to download the PDF.

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