Signs of Abuse Checklist

There is no substitute for an extensive examination by an expert, ideally your own in-house service engineer if you have one.

Here are some key signs of abuse that should be checked for in a used piece of equipment. Why not print out this checklist and take it with you when you inspect the truck?

☐ Damage to overhead guard or backrest

☐ Low oil pressure

☐ Worn rings or valves

☐ Radiator damage

☐ Rust in engine coolant

☐ Discoloured transmission fluid

☐ Bowed or scored mast channels

☐ Score marks on the mast or cylinder rods

☐ Downward drift of an elevated carriage

☐ Leaking hydraulic control valves

☐ Absent or suspicious CE mark

☐ Fork arms with cracks, welds, bends or excessive wear

☐ Loose steer axle knuckles or tie-rod ends

☐ Chassis cracks or signs of re-welding

☐ Heavy rusting on the chassis

☐ Missing safety equipment

☐ High truck hours (over 1,000 hours per year since new)

☐ Certificate of Thorough Examination.

☐ Uneven tyre wear

☐ Fluid leaks under the truck when idling for 10-15 minutes

☐ Excessive noise from motor when carrying a load

☐ Sooty residue in the exhaust pipe

☐ Brakes should stop smoothly and in a straight

☐ Operator manual in your own language