Membership Benefits

As a member of the Fork Lift Truck Association (FLTA), you will be recognised as part of an organisation which insists on the highest standards of service, safety and conduct. You will have the right to carry the FLTA marque - a sign of quality and trustworthiness which gives customers complete peace of mind. You will be seen as benefiting from the backing of the most authoritative body of its kind in Europe.

In practical terms, the initial value of joining the FLTA has been calculated as at least £20,000 and there are also annual deliverables worth many thousands of pounds.

This website is a major benefit of membership. Entries in the Find Members or service sections, which includes an on-line directory and hyperlinks, provides contact opportunities for potential new customers.


Essential manuals and software, covering subjects such as Health and Safety, risk assessment, legislation and personnel management, are issued free to members and are updated free of charge. Additional copies are available at discount prices. Other regular publications include regular editions of the Uplift Members' magazine, monthly updates on Health and Safety and Technical Bulletins on important issues.


The Association runs helplines to offer expert guidance on Health and Safety, commercial Legal issues, employment law, HR and other questions of a professional nature.


Security Alerts are communicated to all FLTA members to notify them about stolen trucks or other forms of malpractice. The main inputs to this service come from the members themselves. The system can also be used to highlight issues concerning safety or other commercial matters.

Member Audit

FLTA membership offers businesses a clear advantage in the marketplace, demonstrating to potential customers that the highest professional standards are maintained - of customer service, safety, environmental protection, and more. To ensure that these standards are upheld, the Association provides all Dealer Members with a free Member Audit.

Conducted by the FLTA's Quality Manager, this on-site evaluation not only ensures that Members are on the right side of sector-specific legal obligations, but also offers expert advice to help them work more effectively, more safely, and more profitably.

Fork Truck Watchdog

As a Member of the FLTA you are automatically included in a nationwide scheme to help eliminate mis-selling, raise standards, and stamp down on rogue trading of new and used fork lift trucks in our industry.  


A programme of courses for service engineers is administered by the FLTA. The courses are run by Fork Lift Training Engineering Centre (F-TEC) at their facility in Swindon. Details are published in a course brochure and can be viewed on the website under training. Other professional courses are also run from time to time.


The Association is working hard to provide meaningful apprentice programmes for the industry. A fork lift truck specific apprenticeship, for young service engineers, is managed on our behalf by F-TEC.


The Association carries out a number of regular surveys which are highly valued within the industry and whose detailed results are only made available to participating members.


The Association employs a public relations and marketing company to maintain the FLTA's public profile and its prominence in the materials handling press. By constantly reinforcing the Fork Lift Truck Association brand, its work provides members with a marketing edge. Its work also includes managing the Annual Awards, running the Association website and providing other help and guidance.


Framed membership and Code of Practice certificates are provided so that Association's members can publicly display their membership.


Events organised for members include the Awards, a National Conference, AGM and open meetings, factory visits and golf days. Regional Meetings ensure that all Members, regardless of location, have the opportunity to meet with the Association.


This website is a major benefit of membership. Entries in the Find Members or service sections, which includes an on-line directory and hyperlinks, provides contact opportunities for potential new customers.

Our role

The role of the Fork Lift Truck Association is to raise standards within the materials handling industry.
The Association:

  • Provides information and technical support to our members.
  • Promotes best practice throughout the industry.
  • Protects the interests of fork lift truck users.


Members of the Fork Lift Truck Association are expected to achieve the highest standards of professional conduct, and must therefore adhere to a strict Code of Practice.  

Code of Practice

Every FLTA Full Member must adhere to a Code of Practice. They must:  

  • Ensure fork lift trucks are delivered in a safe and serviceable condition.
  • Satisfy themselves that the equipment is suitable for the intended application.
  • Ensure maintenance and repair of fork lift trucks is only carried out by engineers who have relevant information, instruction and training.
  • Ensure only suitably trained staff operate fork lift trucks.
  • Carry out regular servicing as per contract.
  • Carry out all Health & Safety requirements including Thorough Examination as appropriate.
  • Use a hire contract which has been approved by the Fork Lift Truck Association. (The Association has standard contracts for hire and maintenance that are available for use by Members.)
  • Accurately represent facts relating to a hire contract.
  • Ensure that the hire contract embodies all the express terms and conditions of the agreement.
  • Respect confidential business information supplied to them in the course of their business.
  • Have Employers’ liability insurance of at least five million pounds.
  • The Association recommends Public and Product liability insurance of at least five million pounds.
  • Make available the insurance document for inspection.
  • Behave with integrity and encourage such conduct by others in the business of hiring fork lift trucks.
  • Transact business in such a manner as will reflect credit on that Member and the industry.
  • Strive to improve their own competence.
  • Exercise care in the day to day conduct of business relationships.
  • Make available up-to-date records for inspection by a person authorised by the Fork Lift Truck Association.
  • Deal promptly with all customer queries or complaints.

The marque

Since the formation of the Fork Lift Truck Association in 1972, the Association's marque has become a symbol of quality.

For a Member of the Fork Lift Truck Association, the marque is a valuable asset offering clear evidence of a trader's integrity and professionalism.

For a customer, the logo offers the reassurance of dealing with a reputable trader that meets high and clearly defined standards.