Attitudinal and behavioural test for managers and supervisors

Do you have the right attitude? Managers and supervisors are urged to test their fork lift truck behaviour and attitudes

It's September and so begins the FLTA's month-long safety campaign designed to help companies who operate fork lift trucks to put safety at the top of their agenda.

We are putting our money where our mouth is by providing a host of specially designed, free safety resources that are available to download for any company that wants them.

Chief among these is the Attitudinal & Behavioural Test designed in association with Mentor FLT Training.

Created following the success of the Hazard Perception Quiz for 2014’s Safety Week, the new quiz has been designed specifically for managers and examines how all those who work in the vicinity of fork lift truck behave on site and their attitudes towards the Health and Safety issues.

There is NO room for guessing. Unless you are absolutely certain of the answer, you will most likely get it wrong…!

During the short quiz - approximately 10 minutes to complete - participants will be asked questions regarding their approach to safety using video scenarios to set the scene and act as case studies.

Upon completing the test, participants will be provided with a score. And, alongside the questions, they’ll be able to see their answers, the right answers and coaching points for every questions (whether they got it right or not!).

Safety posters

The Association has also released a series of specially designed safety posters that can be downloaded and printed for your workplace

The posters address some of the major and abiding concerns in fork truck safety such as pedestrian awareness and managing speed within a fork lift truck environment.

Manager’s Checklist

During Safetember, Mentor and the FLTA will also release an aide memoire for managers and supervisors, which is a quick reference guide of safety issues concerning fork lift trucks in the workplace.

The idea behind the aide memoire is to provide busy people with a convenient checklist of critical, everyday safety issues. They can then use this not only as a prompt but also as documented evidence that the checks have been performed.

The aide memoire will be officially launched at the FLTA National Fork Truck Safety Conference at Loughborough University on 23 September, where attendees will each be given a free first copy.

To find out more about Safetember – the FLTA’s Safety Month campaign – click here to explore the free resources.

If you would like more information on the Association’s National Fork Lift Safety Conference 2015, click here.