FLTA extends Safe User Group

The Fork Lift Truck Association has further enhanced its popular Safe User Group service, introducing new resources and including up to five additional sites under a single membership, at no extra cost.

The Association launched the Safe User Group in 2001, to make its safety expertise available to companies operating fork lift trucks and provide simple, legal, safe advice amid the confusion of regulation, legislation and official guidance surrounding their use.

Members benefit from a comprehensive support package valued at £1,500 – including practical safety resources, regular updates on new rules and advances, a monthly newsletter and, importantly, a confidential telephone helpline – for just £191 per year (only £3.67 a week).

It is hoped that the latest improvements to the Safe User Group will quickly multiply the number of workplaces with direct access to best practice safety advice; further improving the UK’s fork lift safety record.

FLTA technical manager Owen Delaney explains: “Fork lift trucks account for at least one hospitalisation or fatality per day and, at last count, their operation was affected by 23 sets of legislation, guidelines and rules. That’s a pretty daunting combination.

“The FLTA Safe User Group was set up to give managers a reliable solution to that worry – clear, practical, up-to-date information, straight from the horse’s mouth, in whatever format best suits the way you work. It improves safety, lowers risk, and extending the number of sites will mean more workers are protected.”

“In particular, people love the safety helpline because it provides confidential and constructive guidance – without passing judgement. All we care about is helping to improve standards in UK workplaces, so it’s the ideal place for asking that question you were too afraid to ask!”