FLTA launches 'Safetember' initiative throughout September

See danger… speak up!

Fact: fork lift trucks remain the UK's most dangerous type of workplace transport; they now injure more people in the workplace than even heavy good vehicles.

That’s why the FLTA’s Safetember Safety Month campaign has increased in scope from a week to thirty days in order to maximise engagement: across every business sector, every job function and in every part of the UK. 

“Everyone has the right to be safe at work – the place, after all, where most of us spend a third of our lives,” explained Fork Lift Truck Association Chief Executive, Peter Harvey.

“Last year, FLTs were involved in no fewer than 800 accidents, most resulting in traumatic injuries that will change their lives and those of their families and employers forever”.

The FLTA believes that a silent but widespread obstacle to site safety is the shared acceptance of bad habits – where potentially dangerous practices become the norm.

Often these persist because the people who spot bad practices do not feel able to report them for fear of being ignored, socially excluded or worse.

Recent statistics show that only one in three employees speak up. Even more shocking is that 64% of those who witnessed unsafe practices – and did not report them – were either managers or a supervisors.

“We will be urging every company that operates FLTs to implement the changes necessary to give workers the freedom to report bad practice in a genuinely blame-free environment,” continued Mr Harvey.

“In every other aspect of our lives, endangering or inconveniencing others is simply not acceptable. When driving, we have strict rules – with immediate feedback – that modifies and improves our behaviour: police presence, speed cameras, other road users honking or flashing their lights… all provide clear and immediate feedback that our behaviour is not acceptable. 

“But oddly, this ethos is almost entirely abandoned at work, when the consequences of bad practice can be much more serious.

“The aim should be to establish a self-policing environment where bad practice is simply not tolerated by the community.”

During Safetember the FLTA will be presenting practical ways to achieve this culture shift on any site that operates one fork truck or one hundred. 

In the run up to Safetember and throughout the month, visitors to the FLTA website will find a series of free resources developed to help make any site safer. 

Some of the free resources available during September:


A set of 11 safety posters

We will be releasing a series of specially designed safety posters that you will be able to download free of charge from the FLTA website.

The posters address some of the major and abiding concerns in fork truck safety such as pedestrian awareness and managing speed within a fork lift truck environment.

Mentor attitudinal and behavioural test

Created in conjunction with Mentor FLT Training following the success of the Hazard Perception Quiz for 2014’s Safety Week, the new quiz has been designed specifically for managers and supervisors.

The test examines how all those who work in the vicinity of fork lift truck behave on site and their behaviour and attitudes towards health and safety issues.

During the short quiz – which will take approximately 10 minutes to complete - participants will be asked questions regarding their approach to safety using video scenarios to set the scene and act as case studies.

Upon completing the test, participants will be provided with a score, and, alongside the questions, they’ll be able to see their answers, the right answers and coaching points for every questions (whether they got it right or not)!

Manager’s Checklist

During Safetember, Mentor and the FLTA will release an aide memoire for managers and supervisors, which is a quick reference guide of safety issues concerning fork lift trucks in the workplace.

The idea behind the aide memoire is to provide busy people with a convenient checklist of critical, everyday safety issues. They can then use this not only as a prompt but also as documented evidence that the checks have been performed.

The aide memoire will be officially launched at the FLTA National Fork Lift Safety Conference at Loughborough University on 23 September, where attendees will each be given a free first copy.

Videos and presentations

The Association will also be releasing a series of safety videos and presentations for free between 1-30th September on the FLTA website.

Companies are also encouraged to join the FLTA’s Safer Site Programme: a step-by-step guide to improving safety, increasing efficiency and ensuring you are operating within the law.

To sign up and take part in this online course please visit the main Safer Site Programme landing page.

Find out much more by exploring the Fork Lift Safety section of the FLTA website throughout Safetember: www.fork-truck.org.uk.