FLTA Members now have free Online HR Toolkit

A comprehensive new HR support kit is now available to FLTA Member Companies

The FLTA is pleased to announce that Member Companies now have full - and free - access to an exhaustive and extraordinarily useful online human resources toolkit.

"The Sevier Online HR Toolkit is indispensable."

Sarah at Truckmasters Handling Ltd

This new web-based service, created by employment specialists The Sevier Consultancy Group, is a one-stop shop for all the HR documentation a fork lift company is ever likely to need.

The toolkit is a virtual library of HR guidelines, policies, template letters, HR forms, employment contracts and decision-making flowcharts to guide you through the complex world of employment law.

It is designed to work alongside the telephone helpline that Sevier already provide for Members between the hours of 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday, along with the monthly newsletter each Member receives to keep them up to date with developments and changes to employment legislation.

With monthly updates on employment law, experienced HR advisors available on the other end of the phone and all the HR documentation and guidelines within the online toolkit, Members effectively have a fully functioning HR department working for them, all courtesy of the FLTA.

How should you deal with a member of staff who has a bad back and wants to restrict their work tasks? How should you respond to a worker who asks you if they’re entitled to attend antenatal classes during work time and get paid for it?

Questions like these can be complicated to answer, but FLTA Members can relax in the knowledge that when a HR issue is raised in the workplace, they have the right level of support and assistance to be able to answer any question confidently and correctly.

Whether it is picking up the phone for a one-to-one chat with a knowledgeable personnel advisor, reading up on HR policies, using a template letter to send to a new starter or finding just the right recruitment contract, everything a Member needs is either online or on the end of a phone.

All Members who are interested in accessing the toolkit – or finding out more about what is included – should navigate through to the Members’ area where there is a brief guide on how to access the toolkit and explore this massive online resource, or just click here.