New assessment procedure for Supplier Members

Association implements more rigorous selection policy

As part of an ongoing programme to raise standards within the fork lift truck industry, the FLTA has this month introduced new criteria for assessing the suitability of Supplier Members.

A newly revised – more stringent – assessment procedure now forces new Supplier Members to demonstrate that they are an ethical and reputable company upon application.

For the first time, new Members in this category will be subject to a site visit, and must also share examples of both long and short term rental or hire contracts with the FLTA.

These contracts are then scrutinized to ensure they conform to the Association’s rigorous standards and Code of Practice.

All new Supplier Members must also provide a full list of official distributorships, with the emphasis on ensuring that all offices and operations of each prospective Member follow the same standards.

In addition, the Association has enlarged the assessment to include several supplementary ISO (International Organisation for Standardisation) standards that measure whether products and services are safe, reliable, of good quality and fit for their purpose.

The new additional ISO standards include ISO 180001 - 45001, focusing on occupational health and safety management systems in place, plus ISO 27001, which demonstrates compliance with data protection laws.

Potential Supplier Members will also be checked on whether they have signed up to the Training Register and whether or not their own subcontractors are audited.

Commenting on the new stricter assessments, FLTA Chief Executive Peter Harvey said: “As the trade association for the fork lift truck industry, it is our responsibility to ensure that Members of our organisation are honest, consistent, reputable and reliable.

“Our new assessments for Supplier Members raise the bar to a new level, and are part of our continued push to raise standards of professional conduct throughout the industry.”