RTITB Competition Set for Thrilling Final

IMHX 2013 played host to the return of the RTITB Operator of the Year Competition which, for the first time, was officially supported by the FLTA.

The Challenges

Competitors faced four challenges, comprising two operational exercises, a pre-use inspection exercise and a theory quiz. The ‘Gold Mine’ section required competitors to pick up a gold nugget and drop it down a wooden chute into a mine cart three times. In ‘King Tut’s Tomb’, operators were required to de-stack, move and re-stack a giant painting of King Tutankhamun’s face within15 minutes.

The ‘Treasure Hunt’ challenge involved manoeuvring a radio-controlled lift truck around a giant treasure map by answering multiple-choice theory questions. In the final challenge, each competitor had to carry out a full pre-use inspection of a gas-powered lift truck and note any defects they identified.

The Grand Final

The Grand Final will take place on the 20th September, 2013 at RTITB’s headquarters in Telford and will see the 10 finalists put through their paces in a bid to be crowned the RTITB Operator of the Year 2013. All 10 finalists and their partners will enjoy a two-night stay in the 4-star QHotel Golf and Spa, Telford. Prizes will be awarded to the top three finalists (who score the lowest number of penalties) including a brand new car for the winner.

Visit www.opofyear.com and click on ‘News’ to see a list of the ten Grand Finalists.