'You don’t walk away from a fork lift accident'

FLTA announces theme for Safetember safety month campaign

The Fork Lift Truck Association has revealed plans for its annual safety campaign –  Safetember – which runs from 1st to 30th September.

Celebrating its 10th anniversary, it’s possibly the most important 30 days of the year for FLTA Members, their customers and the wider industry: helping increase awareness of the dangers associated with fork lift truck operations.

According to the HSE, fork lift trucks are involved in 1 in 4 accidents involving workplace transport: making them more dangerous than LGVs and HGVs.

FLTA Chief Executive Peter Harvey MBE says: “These accidents are not easy to overlook. Every day, on average, three people are seriously injured and hospitalised in incidents involving fork lift trucks.

“Yet these accidents are anything but ‘everyday’ for the injured, their colleagues, families and friends… The resulting injuries – including dislocations, amputations and long-bone fractures – change lives. In an instant.”

That’s why the core message of the FLTA campaign will be: You don’t walk away from a fork lift accident.

Peter continues: “The very size and nature of fork lift trucks means there are no minor injuries. If you are involved in an accident, you’ll be seriously injured and it will change your life forever… as well the lives of everyone around you.

“Because of this, it’s important that accidents and incidents (no matter how small) are never overlooked. Instead, they should serve as a warning – creating an opportunity to learn and improve.

“And that’s where we need your support. Whether you’re a fork lift truck dealer, training body, ancillary supplier, manufacturer or end user, we’d like you to spread this important message to your colleagues, friends and families.

“After all, it only takes an instant to change a life. And there are many ways you can get involved.”

As ever, the FLTA will be unlocking lots of fork lift truck safety resources and sharing them with the public. From posters and fact sheets to engaging videos, it will all be available on the FLTA website.

Peter adds: “Alongside all of that, we will be launching the inaugural FLTA Annual Fork Truck Safety Survey in August. It’s the first study of its kind into the safety of operators, pedestrians and their managers.

“It’s designed to be completed by a large cross-section of men and women working with and around trucks in the UK, so we are encouraging everyone to get involved.”

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