Be first in line for an Audit

Would you like to be one of the first companies to take part in the FLTA's new Audit? 

This strictly confidential process examines Member companies to ensure they are fulfilling the agreed criteria of FLTA Membership, thereby maintaining the exceptional standards for which the organisation and its Members are renowned.

All Members will eventually be required to have an audit but, while it's being introduced, the Association is seeking Members who can see the benefits of such a review and are eager to participate.

The process presents a genuine opportunity for the FLTA to help Members work even more effectively and more profitably. Moreover, it is a really useful basis for Members who are considering attaining other recognised quality standards, ISO 9001, etc. Additionally, upon successful completion of the inspection criteria, Members will receive a Certificate of Compliance to display in their premises as proof of excellence. 

All FLTA board members have been audited already and readily acknowledge the benefits. Prospero Girardi, Director of Hitec Lift Trucks, said: "Quality Manager, Lee Medway, has much experience and was more than happy to share this with us, giving us as much information as we needed to help better some of our processses. He was very constructive and precise and at no time did we feel uncomfortable with the process."

If you would like to volunteer your company to be one of the first to receive the FLTA Audit, please contact Lee Medway by emailing, or calling 01635 277577. For further details on what the process entails, click here.