Welcome to our new site

Welcome to our new site

We’re sure you will have noticed a vast difference logging on to this site that comes with lots of exciting new features and many more coming online in the next couple of weeks. You will see from what we have at present:

  • The site is run on an entirely proprietary CMS. Although many of the ‘standard’ functions are included, there are many streams of functionality written entirely for us.
  • The website is fully ‘adaptive’, and works as well on a mobile phone, a tablet, or on a desktop. The site scales and rearranges content to fit the view port.
  • One of the main issues with our previous site was that it was difficult to find what you wanted. The structure has been re-envisioned, ensuring clarity for regular visitors.
  • Alongside the navigation we have the ability to create clearer signposting around the site. You will see more of this shortly.

This is a ‘soft launch’ of the site. We have a lot more functionality on the way, which will be ‘rolled out’ over the next couple of weeks:

  • FULL eCommerce. We have CardSave website payments integrated and a high level of SSL security. Transactions can be completed without having to leave the site or resort to PayPal.
  • New purchasable items too – you will be able to buy tickets right here for our awards, the safety conference, all the training courses we offer and, of course, the online store.
  • Within the store we have changed ‘Publications on CD only’ for ‘downloadable media’. You will now get instant access to what were previously ‘CD Only’ resources.
  • We also have better email functions at the back of the site, meaning it will be easier for us to stay in touch, and easier to select the correct people to receive the respective correspondence.
  • A new ‘members’ home screen’ will also come online in the next two weeks. This allows you to take full control of all information we hold about you. You can also:
    • Ensure your listings are right for our ‘Find members’ section
    • Review your transaction history and re-download any misplaced invoices
    • Keep an eye on when your current membership is due to expire
    • Keep an eye on your booked course dates and get ‘reminded’ when they are coming up
    • Access the download manager for collecting your downloadable transactions

As with all new technology we may have to iron out a few issues along the way. Please report any issues either by phone, or by email - mail@fork-truck.org.uk. As a last resort, you can still access our old site at: http://old.fork-truck.org.uk