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WINNERS: UKMHA Awards for Excellence 2020

Previously postponed due to the pandemic, the 26th UKMHA Awards for Excellence was held Virtually on 10th April 2021.





The electric Teletruk produces zero emissions at point of use, with real-time measurement of energy consumption via JCB’s LiveLink telematics system. Average customer energy consumption reported is 4.1kwh.VISIT WEBSITE


Linde Material Handling (UK) Ltd.

Steering Wheel N 20 C

The ergonomic steering wheel on Linde’s N 20 C is a simple, neat ‘butterfly’ design where controls for lift, traction and horn can be operated from both sides using thumbs and forefingers. This layout ensures an ergonomic and safe driving position where operators are automatically looking in the direction of the fork arms when activating the main lift, a crucial factor for safety.VISIT WEBSITE


Hyster Europe

Hinged elevating operator cabin for Hyster® RS46 ReachStacker

The hinged elevating operator cabin option on the Hyster® RS46 helps terminals handle containers on the second rail, reducing damage and improving efficiency. Operators have direct visibility of the top corner pockets on second rail containers even with a container on the first rail. Previously, cameras or staff had to direct operators, slowing operations and increasing costs.VISIT WEBSITE



Electric Front and Rear Wheel Drive Combination

Combilift’s internationally patented electric traction provides the multidirectional forklift with independent front and rear wheel drives. By inputting the wheel-base parameters, the traction commands are calculated by the control system. The other unique feature of this innovation is 100% traction control, therefore negating the need for a differential lock on slippery surfaces. Each electric drive incorporates parking and regenerative dynamic braking for power efficiency.VISIT WEBSITE

Safe Site


Devinish have shown that they have gone above and beyond to ensure a safer working environment for all their employees.VISIT WEBSITE

Supplier of the Year

B&B Attachments

B&B Attachments have supported the industry throughout the year supplying a wide range of attachments to hundreds of companies throughout the UK.VISIT WEBSITE

Dealer of the Year

Truckmasters Handling

Truckmasters Handling has shown total commitments to sales and service and puts the customer at the heart of everytything they do.VISIT WEBSITE

Apprentice of the Year

Keiran Hale

Up and coming engineering superstar.

Lifetime Achievement Award

Prospero Girardi of Hitec Lift Trucks

Propero is a true asset to the materials handling industry. Co-founder and Managing Director of Hitec Lift Trucks, Prospero started in the lift truck industry at the age of 16 as an apprentice engineer for a local materials handling company and rose through the ranks to become a senior technician.

In setting up Hitec Lift Trucks, he took advantage of being bi-lingual and created good working relationships with manufactures in Italy and, 30 years on, still represents many Italian brands here in the UK.


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