Innovation Award

Just when you thought you’d seen everything… along come a whole series of new products that demonstrate just how imaginative and innovative design engineers can be…

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2016 Finalists

Cavaion Baumann UK

GX Series Sideloader 'Archimedes' Outreach System

The new Baumann GX Sideloader Series utilises a direct drive Archimedes screw and sliding blocks to extend the fork carriage, whilst preventing transverse movements and eliminating unnecessary stresses.

This patented Archimedes screw, or worm gear outreach system, enhances equipment that has remained fundamentally unchanged for almost 50 years.

The whole worm gear system and rollers can work only in combination, which means ideal results each time, and the maximum working speeds - results never before reached.

The system is low in maintenance and simple in design, with a high level of engineering and durability to ensure greater safety, smoother control and perfectly synchronised outreach for highly accurate and efficient load control.​

Combilift Ltd

Straddle Forklift

Combilift’s patent pending (No. 1417080.7) Straddle Forklift is a revolutionary machine designed to handle a full 25t truck-load of product in one lift; smaller and larger capacities are also available.

It features a hydraulic rotating fork attachment, fitted with four or more forks depending on the specific load. In travel mode the forks are positioned at 0°, lowered over the load and then rotated through 90° to lift, transport and lower it into position or onto a transport vehicle, with no need for personnel to attach slings or chains.

The 25t Combilift Straddle forklift is more cost effective and lighter in weight than a conventional 25 ton capacity fork lift.​

Crown Lift Trucks

QuickPick Remote Lift Technology

Crown has extended its tried-and tested QuickPick Remote Lift Technology with a new variant that controls lift and lower functions. Available for fitment to Crown’s ES 4000 and ET 4000 Series stackers, this version of the successful remote glove technology features a special transceiver for the stacker’s lift system.

The new lift technology means operators can now raise and lower the truck’s forks without having to use its control handle. Consequently, operators have both hands free and no longer have to walk as far, bend as often or lift as much – all of which helps improve productivity by reducing physical strain and operator fatigue.​

Curtis Instruments (UK) Ltd

ACUITY Battery Monitoring System

Curtis’ ACUITY is a revolutionary step forward in modern vehicle battery monitoring that delivers benefits right across the industry, to battery manufacturers, vehicle OEMs and end users alike. 

ACUITY is a non-invasive battery-mounted device providing exact readings of voltage and current, delivering the most accurate SOC possible. As the industry’s most reliable battery monitoring device, ACUITY is a viable warranty witness and productivity tool, providing detailed information on battery life, maintenance and abuse incidents. ACUITY resolves the long running debate between vehicle/battery manufacturers, charger suppliers and end users as to why battery performance is not as guaranteed and provides proof of compliance or non-compliance within warranty guidelines.

Linked through CANbus, Wi-Fi enabled and supported by easy to use Fleet Management Software, ACUITY is set to provide superior battery management and optimal fleet performance for years to come.

Eisenmann Anlagenbau GmbH & Co. KG


Eisenmann’s ingenious driverless guided pallet conveyor LogiMover has revolutionised intralogistics. Compact and versatile, this independent fork system drives down the cost of automation while boosting efficiency.

LogiMover consists of two autonomous parallel tines, which resemble a fork lift’s forks, but have no physical connection – allowing them to tunnel under pallets.

Communicating via infrared light to synchronise movements, LogiMover can manoeuvre in tight spots. A visual guidance system allows it to turn in all directions at speeds of up to 1 m/s.

Highly compact, and weighing in at less than 100 kg, it carries up to 1,000 kg. This low weight makes it exceptionally efficient. Energy costs are reduced further by its drivers and hydraulic lifters, which reclaim energy during braking and lowering.

Linde Material Handling UK Ltd

Dynamic Mast Control

The market trend towards higher storage racks is ever increasing. However, this creates more challenges for operators when managing the dynamic mast oscillations created by such higher lift heights. Mast deflection can damage the rack, the truck itself, or displace the load behind making it difficult to retrieve goods efficiently or causing loads to fall.

Linde Material Handling presents a new intelligent operator-assist system for reach trucks - the Linde Dynamic Mast Control (DMC). The system automatically compensates for mast oscillations and deflection through precise and seamless counter-movements of the reach carriage. With a minimal use of additional battery energy, this system minimises waiting times and allows operators to store pallet loads faster, more accurately and with greater safely, as well as reducing damage to trucks, racking and loads.

MaxTruck AB

MaxTruck 2T

MaxTruck 2T is a unique 2 ton omni-directional fork lift equipped with the patented MaxWheel. The ability to drive in all directions ensures more efficient operation in tight working areas and more efficient and secure handling of large or long loads. Capacity is 2 ton and can be carried up to the maximum lift height of 4.2 metres.

Attachments and tools can be changed quickly thanks to the patented tool carrier; choose between forks, boom, service platform (regulations EN 280+A2:2009) or any tailor made tool. MaxTrucks also use brushless AC synchronous motors which are 30-50% more efficient than AC asynchronous motors.