This category celebrates those organisations who have done the most to safeguard the environment and minimise their carbon footprint. These three Finalists are fine examples of what our industry is doing to become ever cleaner and greener.



Baumann H2GX60 compact side loader

Launched in April 2018, the H2GX60 is the world’s first hydrogen-powered compact side loader. With a lifting power capacity of 6 tonnes, the H2GX60 side loader has electrical traction and lifting systems powered by the current generated by hydrogen-powered batteries. At extremely low environmental impact, the fuel cell recharges the batteries and, by way of parallel connection with the batteries, supplies additional energy to the electric motor, when high power is required. Developed in consultation with a German energy business, the H2GX60 was the first Italian-made fuel cell machine to receive European funding and has proved its capabilities with over 600 hours of field trials.

Find out more: baumann-sideloaders.co.uk


Sany H9 reach stacker

The most innovative introduction to reach stacker technology in 25 years, the Sany H9 offers a return on investment in less than 20% of the time needed for other fuel-saving technologies. When laden, the Sany H9 captures energy generated through lowering the combined weight of load, spreader and boom into nitrogen-charged accumulators. Stored energy is then re-used on subsequent lifts – saving up to 35% in fuel consumption. The energy-recovery cylinders also act as auxiliary lifts on the boom. This means that smaller diameter main lift booms can be utilised for greater visibility and increased lift speed for two additional laden-container movements each hour. Unlike other high-cost, energy-saving concepts, payback of this technology can be achieved in as little as 18 months (based on 40 working hours per week)

Find out more: cooperhandling.com


MC18 forklift 

Designed to reduce the total cost of ownership, MC18’s 26.5kW engine optimises fuel consumption. It consumes just 3.5 l/ hr: making it the most energy-efficient forklift on the market. It’s 30 cm ground clearance is the highest within the compact truck market. This improves versatility on all types of ground and makes obstacle clearance significantly easier. The MC18-4 offers the option of switching from two to four wheel drive: regardless of whether the machine is in operation or not. It offers easy access to the engine, via a cap located just behind the operator’s seat. In addition, users can check various levels without needing to lift up the cab or have special tools.

Find out more: manitou.com