This Award recognises those companies striving to keep operators and equipment working in perfect harmony. This year’s Finalists are the best examples of those driving the way for safe and productive operations.



Hubtex MaxX​

The MaxX impresses with its generous cab with enormous legroom, large field of vision due to the compact mast, best ergonomics and patented steering system. The electric multidirectional side loader MaxX is available in three variants: with a load capacity of 3,000 kg or with a load capacity of 4,500 kg and a choice of 48 or 80-volt power unit. The focus was placed on the ergonomics of the driver’s cabin. The spacious cabin provides drivers with a substantial amount of legroom and all-round visibility, while the new HIT3 multifunction display enables them to keep an eye on all key vehicle information. Furthermore, the hydraulic suspension system installed for the drive wheels ensures that the vehicle never leaves the ground, boosting shock absorption.

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Baumann HX Series

Baumann radically redesigned its HX Series to provide the highest levels of comfort, visibility and control in the market. The 2018 HX30, HX40 and HX50 models include refined ergonomic cabins and new joystick controls, offering what the manufacturer believes to be the market’s highest levels of comfort, visibility and control in the market. Following two years of trials and six months of rigorous testing, the cabin has been redesigned to strengthen the framework, simplify access and allow for removal of central side struts. Changes in materials and advances in toughened glass also allowed Baumann to reconfigure the glass panel. The result is a sturdier design, together with more sensitive control via a new hydraulic system.

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ETV 216i reach truck​

The ETV 216i reach truck from Jungheinrich is the first in the world with standard built in lithium-ion battery. The advantages of this space-saving and efficient battery technology were utilised in the ergonomic development of the truck to create a revolutionary new design. This directly incorporates customer feedback by offering the operator greater freedom of movement and perfect all-round visibility for easier use and maximum safety in the warehouse. With its especially compact design, the truck is also more agile and achieves significantly increased levels of productivity. The integrated lithiumion battery features a longer service life, maintenance-free operation and short charge intervals.

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EDiA EM 48V electric forklift

EDiA EM’s operating space has been optimised to deliver comfort to a wide range of drivers, ensuring comfort through long shifts, while minimising strain and fatigue. Exceptionally manoeuvrable, EDiA EM four-wheel electrics offer the turning power of a three-wheeler, thanks to its >100-degree steer axle. Beyond that, three-wheel models can be equipped with 360-degree steering. This speeds up load and lorry turnaround times – reducing energy in the process – and makes it easier to manoeuvre in narrow aisles. A separate drive motor on each of the front wheels gives the precision necessary for work in tight spaces, while keeping the risk of damage to trucks, stock and racking to a minimum. EDiA EM’s smart steering and stability features come together in an ultra-efficient truck where not a movement is wasted.

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