This Award celebrates those ‘Eureka’ moments that take our industry forward. This year’s Finalists are leading the way to brighter and more productive tomorrows.



Sany H9 reach stacker

The most innovative introduction to reach stacker technology in 25 years, the Sany H9 offers a return on investment in less than 20% of the time needed for other fuel-saving technologies. When laden, the Sany H9 captures energy generated through lowering the combined weight of load, spreader and boom into nitrogen- charged accumulators. Stored energy is then re-used on subsequent lifts – saving up to 35% in fuel consumption. The energy-recovery cylinders also act as auxiliary lifts on the boom. This means that smaller diameter main lift booms can be utilised for greater visibility and increased lift speed for two additional laden-container movements each hour. Unlike other high-cost, energy-saving concepts, payback of this technology can be achieved in as little as 18 months (based on a 40 working hours per week).

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The Jungheinrich SLH 300 high-frequency charger

The Jungheinrich SLH 300 high frequency charger is a cross-technology plug & play solution for both lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries, delivering significant advantages for mixed fleets or those switching from lead-acid to lithium-ion. Thanks to a carefully conceived range of variants, an optimum price-to-performance ratio can be achieved with the charger for every application: The SLH 300 is available from 15-320A in 24V, 48V and 80V. The charger offers maximum flexibility, and is available with numerous options, including full graphics display or Aquamatik control. One unique feature of the control system is intelligent water replenishment with a level sensor: if the water level is too low, the Aquamatik signal is activated by the charger and water is added automatically. This ensures a longer battery service life and lowers costs.

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EDiA EM 48-volt electric trucks

The exceptionally manoeuvrable EDiA EM four-wheel electrics offer the turning of a regular three-wheeler thanks to a >100-degree steer axle. Dual drive motors and advanced curve control system which precisely adjusts truck speed to load weight and angle of turn when cornering makes turning smooth and precise — even in tight spaces, and without the usual ‘kick’ on setting off. Beyond that, 360-degree steering on the three-wheel EM gives it an ultra-compact turning circle and allows it to turn around without the stop needed for a normal three-point turn.

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Philadelphia Scientific’s MOD.RACK system is infinitely flexible, allowing your battery room to grow, reconfigure and optimize as you do. It’s been designed for the modern, lean battery room. MOD.RACK is high density, endlessly reconfigurable and can be custom-branded in whatever colour is desired. MOD.RACK has been designed to maximise the available space. This gives it up to 20% higher battery density compared to traditional racking. Customer needs evolve and change over time – especially at peak periods… and so can MOD.RACK. It can be reconfigured and easily added to ensuring it meets changing demands. Whatever colours a company flag flies, the battery racking rollers within the MOD.RACK system can match them exactly. 

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