This Award shines the spotlight on those companies working to make our industry a much safer place. This year’s Finalists have gone to tremendous efforts to ensure that, at the end of the shift, every goes home safely.



Combi PPT

The Combi-PPT ensures safe and secure low level, pedestrian transportation of heavy and bulky loads up to 16,000kg, such as generators and engines. This reduces ride-on forklift movements around production and storage facilities for a safer working environment for all personnel. The Combi-PPT’s unique, patented multi-position tiller arm enables the operator to stand at the side of the truck rather than at the rear, eliminating the risk of crush injuries when working in confined areas or narrow aisles. The offset operator’s position offers excellent all-round visibility of the loads and surroundings. In addition, the Combi-PPT’s outstanding manoeuvrability enables tight corners to be negotiated safely and with ease.

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GS180 Steel Edition​

The Baumann GS180 Steel Edition is the world’s only 18-tonne capacity side loader featuring a reinforced chassis, toughened outreach, heat dispersal and onboard cameras. Its heat defence wheel protection and heat dispersal decks were developed specifically for steel handling to offer unrivalled levels of operator safety in what’s an inherently dangerous environment. For maximum vision, onboard cameras provide operators with clear views forward, as well as in reverse. The GS189 Steel Edition’s toughened outreach system ensures that even the heaviest loads are handled smoothly and accurately for safer operations. 

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Lighting options

Linde’s four LED lighting options warn other employees of trucks in operation, while guaranteeing the truck operator good visibility of racking, loads and local environment for enhanced pedestrian safety. Fitted to the top of the mast, Vertilight, provides widespread illumination of the truck’s working area. The Red Warning Lines option offers a highly visible boundary for the safe approach to trucks stacking or de-stacking loads in racking. Linde LED Stripes uses close-range illumination to front and rear to enhance visibility and indicate the truck’s direction of travel. The fourth option, Linde Truck Spot, projects a ‘forklift truck warning triangle’ onto the floor to warn pedestrians that a truck is approaching. It can be permanently mounted as a warning when entering a trucking area. 

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EDiA EM three and four wheel electric trucks

While EDiA EM’s four-wheel electrics offer the turning power of a three-wheeler (without rear-end ‘kick’), thanks to a >100-degree steer axle, EDiA EM three-wheel trucks offer ‘no- pause’ 360-degree steering, eliminating traditional three-point turns. Unlike conventional trucks, which require a momentary stop when changing direction – with unwanted centrifugal forces acting on the load – the smooth non-stop turning of the EDiA EM greatly reduces centrifugal force. Stability is key. Its dual drive motors aid grip on slippery surfaces, while its passive sway control minimises mast movement and advanced Curve Control automatically calculates load weight, travel speed and turn angle to adjust truck movement when entering bends.

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Toyota T-mote

Order picking is a labour-intensive process. Operators of traditional order picker trucks are frequently stepping on and off their trucks in order to pick goods and to move their trucks to the next picking location. As well as being repetitive and time-consuming for operators, it also puts them at risk of slips, trips and falls. Toyota order pickers equipped with the Toyota T-mote remote drive offer safer working practice for pickers. Importantly, it allows operators to move forward – without having to ride on the truck. Instead, the truck advances using a small finger-operated remote. T-mote enabled trucks also feature multiple sensors which prevent collisions with objects and people for greater safety on site.

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FB Series

This truck is designed for the safety of the operator, as well as trucks within its working environment. S3, the stability support system, is fitted as standard on all trucks in the range. It allows the truck to ‘think’ on behalf of the operator – automatically adjusting performance to keep the truck at optimal stability. The FB Series benefits from outstanding visibility, thanks to clever engineering. While a thin rear pillar maximises rear visibility, its flat-bar overhead guard offers outstanding upwards views. The front panel includes unique side windows enhancing ground visibility. A lowered instruments panel has increased fork-tip visibility while a transparent panel allows operators to see the fork-root more clearly.

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