This category celebrates those organisations who have done the most to safeguard the environment and minimise their carbon footprint. These three Finalists are fine examples of what our industry is doing to become ever cleaner and greener.

Aurelius Environmental


Fenix PB


Working in partnership with Cambridge University, Aurelius has developed a revolutionary patented process to recycle lead acid batteries. Unlike conventional smelting, it produces no damaging substances and, incredibly, reduces carbon emissions by 90%. The resulting lead oxide is also purer – making it a much higher quality product. This cleaner lead means that fork truck users can realistically benefit from a 50% increase in density. The capital costs for this ultra-efficient process are relatively low and, as this effective recycling process becomes more widely available, it will reduce emissions, as well as the costs associated with battery power.

Find out more: aureliusenvironmental.com





CGON’s hydrogen additive systems improve air quality by reducing diesel particulate emissions by up to 95%, increasing fuel efficiency and keeping diesel particulate filters (DPFs) clean. The ezero box works with any internal combustion engine: from cars and vans to fork lift trucks and HGVs. This gives fork lift truck owners the opportunity to extend the life of their fork lift truck fleet rather than replace diesel trucks with more expensive electric models. Costing just £650, fitting an ezero 1 to a forklift improves air quality in and around the warehouse, while increasing its fuel efficiency.

Find out more: cgon.co.uk



MOFFETT E-Series electric truck-mounted fork lifts


When Pets at Home received noise complaints about the diesel-powered forklifts it used to load/unload goods at its unmanned stores out-of-hours, the retailer chose not to change its distribution model. Instead, it undertook a six-month trial of the HIAB MOFFETT E-Series at its Stoke Distribution Centre to test durability and viability. Lifting up to 2,000kg, the lithium-ion-powered truck is completely emission-free, operates silently and met the retailer’s operational requirements. The retailer now runs 16 MOFFETT E-Series across its fleet and all local authorities which received complaints were satisfied the noise problem was addressed with no further action required.

Find out more: hiab.com