This Award recognises those companies striving to keep operators and equipment working in perfect harmony. This year’s Finalists are the best examples of those driving the way for safe and productive operations.


Linde Material Handling


T20 SR electric rider stand-on pallet trucks


The new Linde T20 SR electric rider stand-on pallet truck is extremely compact, only 770 mm wide, making it ideally suited for lorry loading/unloading across dock levellers and for pallet handling in areas of restricted space. Its unique, fully suspended operator's compartment, drive motor and operator's backrest are completely decoupled from the chassis. This has resulted in a 38% decrease in Whole Body Vibration – greatly enhancing operator comfort and reducing levels of fatigue during the working day.

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STILL Materials Handling


OPX Series

With nine order pickers and a tugger truck, the new OPX Series boasts greater efficiency and fatigue-free working through clever ergonomic improvements. The driver's entire workplace is fully adjustable to meet individual needs and the pneumatically buffered driver's stand can be adjusted to the driver's weight: significantly reducing vibrations. The OPX20 Plus and OPX25 Plus high-speed order pickers use an innovative five-wheel chassis that ensures the drive wheel always has enough traction, especially when cornering. A powerful, low-maintenance 3kW three-phase drive motor, together with a 3-phase steering motor using 24-V technology, breathe appropriate power into the new models, while the EASY Drive steering wheel saves time by driving and lifting/lowering simultaneously when picking orders.

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EO Series


Designed to maximise productivity, prevent injury and minimise operator fatigue, this low-noise truck (just 66dB) features a minimalistic operator cabin which offers exceptional visibility through its ProVision mast, as well as through the front of its picking cabin. The EO Series’ controls, which were specifically designed for order picking, and its seat are fully adjustable for outstanding operator comfort. Its intelligent use of vertical space means optional equipment can be easily attached to the overhead guard. Cleverly, the design’s floor plate serves as a pressure sensor – removing the necessity for a cumbersome foot switch.

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Toyota Material Handling


BT Reflex R/E/O Series reach trucks

The BT Reflex range is made up of the R-Series engineered for performance at height, the E-Series with unique tilting cab for better operator comfort and the O-Series for indoor and outdoor operation. The trucks boast a new mast design with radically improved lift capacities of up to 13 metres, twinned with the new optimised reach control. It offers customers the clear focus they need to ensure operational safety and productivity. Designed to ensure operator comfort, the controls, steering, seat and floor are all adjustable and Optimised Truck Performance offers enhanced reach and cornering control for increased safety and productivity.

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