This Award shines the spotlight on those companies working to make our industry a much safer place. This year’s Finalists have gone to tremendous efforts to ensure that, at the end of the shift, every goes home safely.


Cat Lift Trucks


NRM20-25N2 multi-way reach truck range


Cat Lift Trucks’ multi-way reach truck range (NRM20-25N2) offers inbuilt safety features as standard. Its weigh load and lift height indicators, for example, ensure operators stay informed for safe operation, while its pivoting load wheels ensure unrivalled stability – even when riding over foreign material. At 75mm wider than its nearest rival, its operators compartment is the most spacious and the only in its class that fully protects operators’ left shoulders from scrapes and bumps with racking. Its multi-functional armrest with fingertip control offers further protection against RSIs by fully supporting the operator’s entire wrist, forearm, shoulder and back. Automated safety features include progressive steering, curve control and Responsive Drive System (RDS) with advanced mast handling, for further protection.

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Combi-MR multi-directional reach truck

The Combi-MR multi-directional reach truck offers excellent safety for the operator and others in close proximity. With compact design, small turning radius and extreme manoeuvrability it operates safely in confined working areas. The side-positioned overhead guard ensures excellent operator protection whilst offering all round visibility. The low-level operator's floor with wide left-hand side entry and exit leaves a clear unobstructed path for the operator to enter and exit freely when the truck is in a narrow aisle compared to conventional rear entry and exit on other reach trucks. The multifunctional single joystick minimises the amounts of operational controls required.

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ELOprotect is an automatic, self-activating, personal safety system for forklifts and other mobile equipment working in very narrow aisle (VNA) warehouses. ELOprotect is officially recognised as an effective way to ensure that forklifts operate at a safe distance from pedestrians, objects and other industrial trucks—as required by safety standards. Thanks to the new "anti-collision" feature, ELOprotect not only prevents collisions between trucks and pedestrians, but is now also capable of preventing collisions between two trucks. This greatly reduces the risks to personnel, improves accident prevention whilst allowing faster and more productive materials handling procedures.

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Linde Material Handling


Linde Rescue Alarm

Available on all raising cab order pickers and combi trucks, the rescue alarm helps to attract attention in a rising cab truck when an operator is in an emergency situation. The truck observes different sensors, foot pedal, hand sensors and controls. When the truck is in operative mode, if there is any unusual behaviour for a certain time, the truck will attract attention with the horn sounding and beacons flashing. In the first instance, the alarm will bleep in the cab. If the operator is ok, dismissing the alarm can be done at the push of any button or control. However, if there is no confirmation, then the alarm will sound.

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Robur Trucks




A leading and prestigious car manufacturer approached Robur for a solution to handle and transport 3300mm round special tooling weighing in at 10,000 kg in a very confined area with minimal visibility. To assist, Robur Trucks produced a special powered pallet truck that is operated via WiFi remote control – allowing the operator to have continuous visibility while operating the machine and entering the very tight chamber that is heavily populated by

pedestrians. For extra safety, this truck also features a camera system.

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FB Series

This truck is designed for the safety of the operator, as well as trucks within its working environment. S3, the stability support system, is fitted as standard on all trucks in the range. It allows the truck to ‘think’ on behalf of the operator – automatically adjusting performance to keep the truck at optimal stability. The FB Series benefits from outstanding visibility, thanks to clever engineering. While a thin rear pillar maximises rear visibility, its flat-bar overhead guard offers outstanding upwards views. The front panel includes unique side windows enhancing ground visibility. A lowered instruments panel has increased fork-tip visibility while a transparent panel allows operators to see the fork-root more clearly.

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