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As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, we find ourselves in an ever-changing landscape.

The role of the FLTA has been to support all those involved with materials handling equipment by keeping everyone abreast of the latest information, guidance and best practice advice.

Content for this section is, therefore, kept under constant review and is being frequently expanded to deliver timely, expert and relevant resources designed to help you work safely and meet government requirements*.

We recommend that you visit the site regularly to ensure you are benefiting from the latest information and would encourage you to contact us if you require more specific advice or guidance. Please contact the FLTA office at

*Some content in this Resource Centre reflects guidance from the UK Government. If you are located in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland you may wish to ensure that this corresponds to information issued by your devolved Executive.


Government Advice

For up-to-date business advice from the government visit:

For further guidance to employers on claiming wages vists:

NOTE (24th July):

The Government has issued updated guidance on Working safely during coronavirus.

As the rules for PPE use, travel, face coverings and working from home have been updated, the following pages have been updated to reflect the changes:

Additionally, Offices and Contact Centres, section 2.3 has been updated with regards to ventilation in offices.


NOTE (26th June):

There are ongoing changes to the Flexible Furlough Scheme and updated FFS agreements have been added below (both for those on regular working patterns and variable working patterns) 

More information can be found by logging into the Kernow HR site:


NOTE (15th April):

The government has just issued an announcement changing the qualifying date of the Job Retention Scheme from 28th February to 19th March 2020.  This will enable you to furlough those employees who started with you in early March.

The exact wording is:

The employer must have a pay as you earn (“PAYE”) scheme registered on HMRC’s real time information system for PAYE on 19 March 2020 (“a qualifying PAYE scheme”).

Full information from HMRC can be found here: 


Visit our FAQs page where we will be providing answers to the biggest questions you want to know as this situation progresses.


Below is a list of downloadable PDFs and letter templates that will inform you on job and employment related matters within the pandemic situation.