Additional Safety Month Resources

In this section you will find additional resources that the Association has made freely available to the public to help everyone get the most out of FLTA Safety Month.

This includes:

  • 11 FLTA safety posters: the majority of these posters contain important and proven safety messages for you and your staff and are designed to be displayed in high traffic areas within your workplace
  • Two of these posters go into further detail, each listing five key practices that should be adopted to improve safety when operating or working alongside fork lift trucks
  • 5 safety training videos that can be shown to your staff, each focusing on vital safety procedures, including essential pre-shift checks, the "Golden Rules" and tips for safer driving and raising awareness of pedestrians and foot traffic close to FLT operations in the workplace
  • A PowerPoint presentation designed for site supervisors that details the role of a supervisor and how to manage safety in a fork lift truck environment

Please feel free to use these resources within your own workplace as you see fit.

Free Safety Resources


Safety Posters

Hazard Perception Test

Fact Sheets

Silent Danger


Safely Working with Lift Trucks