Thorough Examination - what and why is it?

Visit the CFTS Micro siteThorough Examination is a legal requirement.

This section of the website provides important information and advice on the legal requirements and what the Fork Lift Truck Association considers to be best practice. It is laid out as follows.

  • The Facts - This section explains what is meant by Thorough Examination and who can do it.
  • FAQs - Here we provide a list of frequently asked questions on Thorough Examination and the appropriate answers.
  • National Scheme - This section provides detailed information on a National Scheme for Thorough Examination pioneered by the FLTA and BITA to promote best practice in this critical area of fork lift truck operations. The scheme is operated by Consolidated Fork Truck Services Ltd (CFTS).
  • Find CFTS Accredited Members - This is a simple tool to help you find FLTA Members close to you who are also accredited to CFTS and able to provide quality Thorough Examinations under this scheme