Is it within regulations to use a human cage on a forklift truck if the truck has twin lift chains?

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It is not a requirement for a machine to have dual chains in order to be used as a “man up” solution however, there are several other obligations that the FLTA feel we should make you aware of:

One of the primary obligations that you have is to ensure that any truck which is being used for the purpose of “man up” undergoes a LOLER inspection at least 6 monthly (whereas for a machine used for the conventional purpose of lifting goods, the minimum period for LOLER inspections is one year).

The cage also must be specifically designed for the purpose and should be physically attached to the machine, at all times during use.

There are a number of other guidelines which you should follow and you can reference FLTA’s Fact Sheet 18 and HSE’s website, ( for additional information.

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