What is the maximum / minimum height forks should be when travelling?

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The term normally used for this is “Safe travel position” and is defined as follows:

LADEN – SUFFICIENT BACK TILT APPLIED (the amount would be determined on the load being carried e.g. full back tilt for metal stillages as metal on metal slides, so full back tilt will prevent the stillage sliding under braking), FORK HEELS APPROXIMATELY 100 -150MM OFF THE GROUND.

Reach Truck would also need to have the reach fully withdrawn, AND THE HEELS WOULD BE APPROXIMATELY 100MM ABOVE THE REACH LEGS.

UNLADEN – SMALL AMOUNT OF BACK TILT, FORK HEELS APPROXIMATELY 100-150MM OFF THE GROUND (Reach fully retracted and the heels in the same position 100-150mm off the ground and not above the reach legs).

The mast would be tilted back on a standard c/b, but on some reach trucks (with a tilting carriage) the mast would remain vertical.

The height of the heels could be altered depending on the ground conditions (e.g. outside in a yard or driving up and down slopes ), when it would be increased.

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