Safely Working with Lift Trucks

This "Safely Working with Lift Trucks" video is designed to limit the risk of accidents and empower all staff to take responsibility for site safety.

Highlighting key hazards and providing best practice guidance, it provides vital training for pedestrians who are often omitted from forklift safety training, but are actually most at risk - making up 57% of those injured in accidents involving forklift trucks. It also targets operators in danger of becoming complacent.

An ideal resource for staff training, toolbox talks or inductions, this high impact, interactive video uses bespoke film, graphics, accident footage and dramatisation to engage viewers. Thus reminding them of the practical and financial consequences of accidents involving lift trucks, and challenge unsafe behaviour at the root of bad practice.

Topics include:

  • Introduction
  • Safe Working Practices
  • Think
  • Observe
  • Pedestrians
  • Summary

Total duration: 30 minutes

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Safely Working with Lift Trucks