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Working in conjunction with NWSLC, our forklift engineer courses are designed to meet the needs of the fork lift truck industry. Held at NWSLC, courses are delivered by highly trained professionals and offer opportunities to work with a wide range of materials handling equipment. Details of all courses are found below. Simply click on the title of a course to book. (And remember: if you’re an FLTA Member, you need to log in to get your special discount.)


Restrictions/guidelines may be subject to change as they are led by the government guidelines.

Delegates will need to bring their own PPE e.g. masks/visors & gloves. Hand sanitiser will be provided. Any further guidance will be given upon arrival.

During the sessions

– There will be a form to complete asking course members to confirm they aren’t experiencing any COVID symptoms/been in close contact with someone diagnosed with COVID which they need to sign.
– Desks are socially distanced.
– The trainer wears a face covering
– An alarm sounds every hour to encourage people to wash/anti bac hands.
– Lunch is provided to each person on their own individual  plater covered in cellophane.
– One person at a time allowed in the kitchen area to make tea/coffee.

Currently Available Training Courses

Recurring Event

Thorough Examination

Price: £515.00

Recurring Event

Thorough Examination Revalidation

Price: £380.00

Exclusively for engineers who have previously completed our Thorough Examination course, this training brings engineers up to date with current legislation and practices and reaffirms their inspection skills. Successful candidates will be registered for a further five years. Duration: One Day

Previous Training Courses

If you are interested in these courses or require further information, please contact the FLTA office on 01635 277570 or email admin@fork-truck.org.uk.

To contact NWSLC directly:  

Harrowbrook Industrial Estate
Nuffield Road
LE10 3DT

Telephone: 0330 058 3383

Email: enquiries@NWSLC.ac.uk

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