Fork Truck Engineer Training

Fork Truck Engineer Training

At the F-TEC training centre in Swindon, the Fork Lift Truck Association offers a wide range of courses, designed specifically to meet the needs of the fork truck industry.

Fork lift engineering apprentices... a new approach

For the employer, recruiting an apprentice is a surprisingly straightforward and inexpensive way to benefit from loyal and highly skilled service engineers. For the apprentice, it is a gateway to a highly skilled and well-paid career... along with the opportunity to earn-as-you-learn....

Importantly, this apprenticeship programme will enable young apprentices to complete their training at F-TEC, with a dedicated fork lift truck module delivered at a single centre of excellence.

The complete fork lift engineer apprenticeship programme is managed by F-TEC, in conjunction with the FTLA and BITA. F-TEC will help recruit and assess potential apprentices, obtain funding, oversee on-the-job and off-the-job training at the F-TEC centre, and, importantly, manage and assess the competence elements in the workplace, nationwide.

The best of all worlds

With the new FLTA apprentice programme:

  • Travel time and cost are minimised
  • Automotive technical content is approved by the respected Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI)
  • Fork-truck-specific training is delivered by experienced engineers
  • Programme managed by F-TEC
  • Funding available in accordance with national rules


Apprentice with engine Apprentices on computers