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Fork Lift Engineering Apprentices

 … a flexible new approach

For those facing a skills gap, apprenticeships offer a straightforward and cost-efficient way of developing and retaining loyal and highly skilled engineers.

For the apprentice, it serves as a gateway to a highly-skilled and well-paid career which allows them to earn as they learn.

Pure forklift course content is delivered by experienced and knowledgeable engineering experts at F-TEC’s dedicated training facility in Swindon.

Graduates are equipped with the skills necessary to work with a broad range of materials handling equipment, including IC engine and electrics.

Focused on quality, integrity and providing the best experience to apprentices and employers, this training is accredited by The IMI Awards.

Depending on the candidate’s suitability, candidates may join the Apprenticeship in Lift Truck Maintenance Repair at Level 2 (Intermediate) or Level 3 (Advanced)

F-TEC manages the process from start to finish – saving employers time and money. This includes:

  • Recruiting and assessing potential engineers
  • Obtaining funding
  • Developing and overseeing the dedicated fork lift modules
  • Managing and accessing the learning and competence elements

Here’s how it works…

Employers should get in touch with F-TEC to register candidates onto the IMI-accredited apprenticeship in Lift Truck Maintenance and Repair (Level 2 and 3). 

Throughout the course of the apprenticeship, F-TEC will manage and assess the competence element of the programme. Because F-TEC has a national network of assessors, apprentices can be visited regularly in the workplace. 

Further information: how to get involved with the apprenticeship scheme.

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