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Funding an apprentice: The FLAT (Fork Lift Apprentices Trust) Fund

Introduction and how to apply…

The FLAT (Fork Lift Apprentices Trust) Fund is a special trust designed to encourage the next generation of fork lift truck service engineers into the UK industry.

This registered charity was established as a joint initiative by the fork lift truck world’s two main trade bodies: the Fork Lift Truck Association (UKMHA) and British Industrial Truck Association (BITA). 

A key element of the Trust is a special bursary devoted solely to smaller firms employing fewer than 10 service engineers. The new Chairman of the Trust, Derek Anderson from Manbat Industrial Power Systems, said: “Some smaller firms may sometimes be hesitant to take on new FLT apprentices due to financial pressures, and that’s exactly when the FLAT Fund steps in to help.

“We hope the Trust can remove some of the hurdles that block employers from the obvious benefits of hiring an apprentice.”

Providing applicants meet certain basic criteria, firms can apply for help with the cost of accommodation and, in some cases, even transport.

As tuition is normally free, companies looking to train an apprentice engineer will have little more to consider than the apprentice’s wages.

To find out more or to apply to the FLAT Fund, please contact the UKMHA office on 01635 277 577 or send an email to: nanette@ukmha.org.uk.

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